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Are you one of The Few?

Few Will Hunt® is defined by the tenacity of our community members around the globe.

We set big goals in all aspects of life and earn their results by embracing lifestyles of hard work, risk, and pain.

We design lives that we are proud of — lives that our families, friends, and colleagues see as examples of what life can truly be — and we inspire others to do the same.

If this sounds like you, we invite you to join us as a Few Will Hunt® Ambassador to further our mission of restoring the dignity of hard work.


We consider candidates from all walks of life and all stages of life’s journeys. We look for individuals with loyal, engaged followings in their community and on social media. We build exclusive, long-lasting relationships with our Ambassadors, so we do not prefer social media influencers that rep more than three brands.

This Ambassadorship is a mutual opportunity. We pledge to work hard for you and expect you to do the same for us. As with all things in life, the more you put work into the Ambassadorship, the more you will benefit from it. This includes opportunities to collaborate with the Few Will Hunt leadership team on projects such as new products,, and brand partnerships.


At all times, Ambassadors must be an excellent, uplifting example of Few Will Hunt community by remaining authentic, transparent, and respectful of all, including those who do not share our opinions or beliefs.

Ambassadors must create and share authentic social media content related to the Few Will Hunt lifestyle, community or products on a regular basis. There are no strict posting requirements. The Few Will Hunt leadership team and the Ambassador may work together to determine the proper cadence and content for her/his channels. From time to time, Few Will Hunt may ask the Ambassador to share content created by Few Will Hunt for special announcements, product releases, community events, etc.

Ambassadors must have public social media profiles and acknowledge their Few Will Hunt ambassadorship in the bios of their profiles.


Ambassadors will receive discounts on Few Will Hunt products and services. Additionally, Ambassadors will receive a premium membership.

Ambassadors’ content and accomplishments will be featured on Few Will Hunt's social media channels and/or websites.

Ambassadors will receive a personalized discount code to share with their family, friends, and social media communities. Ambassadors may earn quarterly bonuses for sales associated with their personalized discount codes.

Application Process

1. Tag @fewwillhunt on Instagram in five new or recent (i.e. not older than 1 month) posts that show you attacking your day. We're looking for more than just seeing you train in the gym — show us your complete daily routine and why it is an effective path to your goals. Use the hashtags #fewwillhunt and #dailyattackplan. Please note that Ambassador applications will not be considered until this step is complete.

2. Review the following terms of the Few Will Hunt Ambassador program:

  1. You must adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct during this program.
  2. You must be authentic, transparent, and respectful to all, including those who do not share your opinions or beliefs.
  3. You must respect our community members and customers by refraining from spamming or sending unqualified traffic to your offers.
  4. You must acknowledge that Few Will Hunt has a zero tolerance policy for bullying, racism, and harassment. Any such behavior, at any time and in any forum, will result in the immediate termination of the your Ambassadorship.
  5. If you are applying for an Ambassadorship solely to receive a discount on Few Will Hunt products and services, your participation will eventually show this intent and your bonus opportunity will be suspended. Please respect the thousands of good people that apply for a Few Will Hunt Ambassadorship with the pure intent of furthering the Few Will Hunt mission, strengthening our community, and impacting the lives of others. Instead of applying, please find of our Ambassadors on our Instagram feed (it's not difficult) and use their personalized discount code.

    3. Complete and submit the application below. By submitting the application below, you agree to the terms stated in (2) above.