Torch Crop Tee


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        he Few are committed to voluntarily testing our limits in every way —
        Physically, mentally, spiritually, tactically, interpersonally —
        And, of course, sometimes our limits are *involuntarily* tested —

        But the sweat, blood, and tears of these tests yield something invaluable:


        We store this fuel deep inside of us — it gets poured right into our very own glass bottle —
        Our own internal Molotov cocktail.
        Most people will let this fuel sit, just evaporating inside of them, causing decay, never putting it to use —
        Not The Few though.
        We reach for the match.
        We ignite it,
        We let it burn,
        And we toss it at our limits.
        The heat and intensity of the flames fuels our hard work…
        The very hard work required to burn down and bust through our limits in life.


        Our flowy crop tee shows off just the right amount. Using a blend of polyester and viscose, it’s designed for maximum comfort. Our tee is printed with a specialty soft-hand method using custom color ink. Our process creates a tee with long-lasting quality and a super soft feel.

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        Few Will Hunt is more than an apparel company — it’s a movement.

        When you represent Few Will Hunt, you become one of The Few.

        Know that we live an uncommon, unapologetic lifestyle of earning everything through hard work.

        We’re not for everybody, but, if this sounds like you, join us on our mission to restore the dignity of hard work.