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Article: The Rules of The Few

The Rules of The Few

Society is weakening. 

We are here to strengthen it by our example.

The dignity of hard work must be restored, or we will surely see society crumble.

The solution starts with us… The Few. We lead the change by living "The Rules of The Few". How we strengthen ourselves and, in turn, strengthen society.

Rule No. 1

Do not be entitled. Earn everything. 

Choose hard work over handouts… always.

Consistent, intentional hard work is your default. Always choose it over handouts.

Be self-reliant, skilled, and strong in mind, body, and spirit.

No one is coming to steal your problems away.

No one owes you. No one owns you.

You save you.

Rule No. 2

To get, give.

Always extend your giving hand first.

With anything, give first. With everything, give your all.

Let a fire of passion rage in your servant heart.

Give without remembering and receive without forgetting.

Rule No. 3

Bring The Few Energy.

In every moment of every day, exude grit, gratitude, and go.

GRIT: Be gritty and scrappy and relentlessly resourceful. Always make a way around, under, over, or through your obstacle.

GRATITUDE: Be grateful for your life, regardless of your circumstances. Be thankful for your challenges… just as much as your blessings.

GO: Always be prone to action. GO DO! Waiting, wishing, and whining are worthless. Your work instills your worth.

Rule No. 4

Prefer pain.

Comfort is a slow death.

Your pain is the seed of your power.

Check out of your Comfort Inn and live on your Bleeding Edge.

You have pain from your past… and pain in your present.

Do not simply bury it. Plant it.

Your pain has its purpose.

Pain carves pathways inside of you, so your power can grow and flow through you.

Lean into your discomfort and process your pain.

Learn from your mistakes and make them your progress.

Lead yourself to growth and help others to follow.

Rule No. 5

If you risk nothing, you risk everything. 

Risk is scary, but regret is terrifying.

The safe harbor of success is an illusion.

Your rewards rarely exceed your risks.

Results, respect, resilience… are all on the other side of risk.

Be bold in the face of fear. Never abandon.

Take risks… and take what’s yours.

Rule No. 6

Luck favors hard workers. 

You make your own luck.

Sure, there is a randomness to life’s events…

But a mystical force that is conspiring against you and your life’s plan?

That you can beat by stumbling across a magical four-leaf plant?

Don’t buy it.

Make your own luck.

Here’s how:

STAY RECEPTIVE — New opportunities are everywhere. Starve your distractions and feed your focus to notice them.

STAY READY — Train hard, eat right, sleep well, build skills, read books, speak well, write well, and lean into the edges of your comfort zone. DAILY.

STAY RESILIENT — Whatever your circumstances, know this: Everything won’t start well, but everything will end well… with effort. No quit. All commit.

Now, go get “lucky”.

Rule No. 7

Die growing — 

Your goal is growth to the grave.

If you are breathing but not growing, you are not living —

You are dying.

Don’t look back too far back into your past,

Or too far forward into your future —

Live in the moment and lean into the discomfort.

Make every moment of your life a moment of growth —

By living with unbroken presence, passion, and purpose.

There will be discomfort,

There will be failure,

There will be pain,

But there will be growth… to the grave.

Rule No. 8

Plan your day.

If you have no plan, expect no progress.

Life is a battleground, not a playground.

You need a plan to attack your day.

Without one, you are not on the attack —

You are under attack.

Under attack in a world of weakness, distraction, negativity…

Battle back.

Plan your day with vision and intent.

No exceptions.

The plan does not have to be perfect.

Master the duality of being firm, yet flexible.

Do the hard thing, first thing:

Easy days don’t end well.

Hard days harden you.

Rule No. 9 

Choose effort over your excuses and emotions.


No matter your feelings at the moment,

Choose to DO while you feel them.

Use your work to work through them.

You must exert more effort than you emote or excuse.

Rule No. 10

Restore the dignity of hard work.

Hard work is under attack in today’s society.

A movement of comfort, convenience, complacency threaten the power of hard work —

Your innate power!

You and I — we, The Few — are the last line of defense.

THE countermovement.

So set the example.

Give more, be more, do more.

Even if it’s just 1 more.

Step into your power and work hard to design your life.

Lead others with your servant heart to do the same.

We will not stop until we restore hard work to the rank and respect it deserves in society.


Rule No. 11

You are who you hunt with.

Everybody wants to eat, but FEW will hunt.

Surround yourself with The Few.

Our lifestyle is uncommon and uncomfortable. 

Be prepared to be misunderstood by all…

But a few.

Surround yourself with hunters —

Those on the relentless pursuit to capture and kill…

Those working hard to capture their dreams, goals, and highest selves…

Those working harder to kill their distractions, weaknesses, and lowest selves.

Those known as The Few.

This concludes the 10 Rules of The Few, fellow Eagle.

Share your favorite with a like-minded friend to strengthen our community… and society.

To The Few!



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