“Are we the only ones that still believe in the hard work?” 

In 2017, my cousin Drew and I spent our commutes through the mean streets of Philadelphia on the phone together.

To and from our day jobs, we’d talk about business and life — each and every day.

Two common themes always came up:

1.    People were becoming more and more self-entitled
2.    People were looking for more and more shortcuts 

We witnessed these things in our workplaces and neighborhoods.

They enraged us.

People actually thought that they deserved great promotions, great income, and overall great lives without working hard for them.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for everyone getting the most out of life… but we all know that it takes hard work, discipline, and focus to achieve these things. 

It seemed like people no longer see the power and dignity in a hard day’s work.

Raised in middle-class, hard-working homes, Drew and I felt aggravated and alone in this “microwave” society.

Are we the only ones that still believe in the hard work?”, Drew asked. 

I replied, “It’s like we say at my hunting cabin — everybody wants to eat, but few will hunt.”

Boom. There it was! 

This statement perfectly summed up our frustrations with society. And it became our mantra.

Everybody wants the fit body, the big promotion, the good life, the successful business… but very, very few people are willing to work hard, risk, and suffer for these results.

In that moment, we committed to starting a countermovement… and we named it Few Will Hunt.


We would put society back on track.

We would restore the dignity of hard work.

That night, I designed (not too shabby for a tech guy might I say) a t-shirt with our mantra and Drew (who was already in the apparel industry) put it into production. 

This O.G. Few Will Hunt t-shirt would serve as the flag for our movement. 

<< insert pic of OG Shirt >>

We created an Instagram page and started writing posts about working hard, embracing risk, enduring pain, and sticking it out until you reach your goals.

Our content started to attract like-minded, hard-working people and, suddenly, Drew and I weren’t so alone. There was hope!

By practicing what we were preaching, our community was slowly yet clearly starting to build. Then something super unexpected happened.

Our newfound community members started asking for apparel with content from our hard-hitting posts on it.

They didn’t want to just read it; they wanted to wear it!

They wanted to represent hard work and Few Will Hunt.

This was our chance to pour gasoline on the Few Will Hunt movement and spread it like wildfire.

This was our chance to change the world.

Drew and I began working tirelessly to design and develop the best apparel in the game… 

And, well, you know the rest. 

Here we are, present day, and we’re still working tirelessly — now alongside you and a community of almost 100,000 hard workers across 75 counties from around the world. 

We’re creating real societal change together.

Drew and I are immensely grateful for this opportunity…

And we’re just getting started!

Talk soon,


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Joey Bowen