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Few Will Hunt



Our Mission

Restore the dignity of hard work

Since 2017, our community, The Few, has been the countermovement against comfort, entitlement, and the victim mentality.

We embrace hard work, pain, and risk to strengthen ourselves and strengthen our society.

Our Lifestyle

The Rules of The Few

Society is weakening. We are here to strengthen it by our example Join us and live by The Rules of The Few.

Rule No. 1

Do not be entitled. Earn everything.

Choose hard work over handouts.

Rule No. 2

To get, give.

Always extend your giving hand first.

Rule No. 3

Bring The Few Energy.

In every moment of every day, exude grit, gratitude, and go.

Rule No. 4

Prefer pain.

Comfort is a slow death.

Your pain is the raw material of your power.

Rule No. 5

If you risk nothing, you risk everything.

Risk is scary, but regret is terrifying.

Rule No. 6

Luck favors hard workers.

You make your own luck.

Rule No. 7

Die growing.

Your goal is growth to the grave.

Rule No. 8

Plan your day.

If you have no plan, expect no progress.

Rule No. 9

Choose effort over your excuses and emotions.

No exceptions.

Rule No. 10

Restore the dignity of hard work in society by first restoring it within self.

Rule No. 11

You are who you hunt with.

Everybody wants to eat, but FEW will hunt.

Surround yourself with The Few.

Our Community

Real People. Real Hard Work. Real Impact.