Life lost

Sending you this short note to start your weekend, my friend —
Know that I’m an insanely curious person.
I prefer questions over answers… almost always.
Questions are much more powerful…
So I want to pass along my favorite question to you:
“How much of human life is lost in waiting?”
Thank Emerson for this gem —
I know I do.
It casts a light on my belief that
Waiting is the worst human habit.
Waiting robs you of your wish.
Waiting robs you of your work.
Waiting robs you of your WORTH.
If you want to fail at anything —
Literally, ANYTHING —
Wait until tomorrow to start it.
See, the greatest tragedy of life isn’t dying…
It’s that we all wait so long to start living.
So this weekend…
Stop waiting.
Take your next step —
In your fitness,
In your business,
In your relationship.
Your step will be imperfect,
But that’s the greatest beauty of life —
Everything is.
Yours in hard work,
Joey Bowen

It’s FWH Friday!

It’s freaking FWH Friday!

THE best day and THE best way to close out the week…

And a big week it was at FWH HQ!

Here’s what went down:

1) Bedros Keuilian dropped bombs in FWH RISE on Tuesday night!

He spoke about the 3 things required to hit your 2023 goals — vision, values, and victories. We often think of victories as BIG wins, but the truth is, our victories are the sum of many SMALL, stacked wins throughout a single day. These are what compound to create our success!

Catch the full recording in FWH RISE.

2) I was a guest on the Consequence of Habit show… LIVE from HQ!

Don’t miss this episode! Josh and I covered my creative process, FWH the movement v. FWH the business, our support of COH, contrast in your life, and the absolute worst habit you can have. (Snooze button? Alcohol? Negativity? Nope. It’s not what you think.)

Listen to the full episode here.

3) Nicky Rodriguez held a Q&A in FWH RISE on Wednesday night!

Nothing was off the table! Nicky answered all types of questions from FWH RISE members — how he rose to greatness in professional grappling, his pre-competition rituals, his diet and sleep routines, his life as an entrepreneur and cofounder of B-Team Jiu Jitsu, and more.

Catch the entire recording in FWH RISE.

Those are just our HQ hits of the week…

You already know a TON of hard work went down, too!

One more thing —

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Talk soon,


Joey Bowen


I have a morning ritual.
I wake up, dart to my kitchen, drink 32 oz. of water,
And let my dog, Dexter, do his business in my backyard.
Recently though… this ritual came with a very unexpected surprise.
It was just like every morning until Dexter stepped into the backyard.
His guard went up immediately.
He stalked toward an object in the grass,
Once he reached it, he cautiously circled and pawed at it.
I squinted to see what it was…
And I could not believe my eyes.
It was an entire leg!
Torn clean from its hip socket.
The area around it was so disheveled…
I knew a struggle had taken place.
There was no body in sight,
But the leg was surrounded by something else:
Pigeon feathers
Now, Pigeons are SMART…
They can learn the alphabet,
They can multi-task,
They can tell time,
And more.
Some consider them to be the smartest birds on the planet…
So how could this pigeon have fallen victim to such a vicious attack?
Even with all that pigeons know,
Birds that know less dismember them quickly...
Because these types of birds choose to DO more. 
More scouting,
More hunting,
More killing.
Yes, Philly is known for its pigeons…
But my city block is ruled by Philly's birds of prey.
Falcons, to be exact.
They nest in nearby Fairmount Park,
And they hunt in my backyard. 
They choose to DO, more often than they choose to KNOW,
And this is why they reign at the top of the avian food chain. 
Learn from them.
Apply this to your life. 
By all means:
Read all the books,
Take all the courses,
Watch all the speakers. 
Knowledge is power,
Action always prevails.
May your doing prevail over your knowing this day,
This week, 
This month,
This year —
Stay on the hunt,
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Joey Bowen

We are not the same

So today is "Opposites Day" —

A day when we rebel and do the opposite of what we do as a society.

Well, well…

If that's the case…

Every day is Opposites Day for The Few.

In fact, the desire for opposites birthed the Few Will Hunt community:

We saw nothing but entitlement and wanted to see earning,

We saw nothing but victims and wanted to see victors,

We saw nothing but hacks and wanted to see hard work.

And we saw people like us —

Hard-working, risk-taking, freedom-loving doers and earners...

Just as lonely as us.

At that moment, Drew and I took the responsibility to bond "the few" hard workers left in our society,

And embark on a to-the-death mission to restore the dignity of hard work with them.

We took a massive leap of vision and unshakeable faith and did it OUR way:

The opposite way

We started Few Will Hunt through BONDING instead of "branding"… or whatever they call it nowadays.

A community built by BEING and DOING the opposite of society —

A countermovement of outliers —

The last of the OUTWORKERS.

Today, embrace your position in The Few.

Continue to be and do the opposite courageously in society.

You will be misunderstood —

But you will be free, fulfilled, and a force to be reckoned with.




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Joey Bowen


January 21, 2023

4:50 am EST


The surveillance video flashed this in grainy white text on an eerie black screen.

A few seconds passed, then the subject appeared.

It was ME.

My stomach dropped.

There I was — drinking water, sitting at my counter, and writing this e-mail to you.

I’m being watched.

Not just in public, but in the privacy of my own home,” I whispered in disbelief.

24/7/365,” someone whispered back.

Startled, I looked up —

Only to see who was responsible for this heinous invasion of privacy.

It was ME.


Well, it was future me —

And he had a look on his face that I’d seen before.

It was the look of approval.

He was proud.

He knew I could have chosen to stay nestled in bed, but instead,

I chose to wake up before the world —

To chase my big dream of restoring the dignity of hard work

And deliver this important message:

You’re being watched, too.

Your future self is watching you and your clock with an intent gaze…

Waiting for you to end your excuses,

Waiting for you to embrace your full potential,

Waiting for you to become the person that you’re destined to be.

Let today be the day.

Do the hard thing, do the extra thing, do the right thing —

And make your future self proud.


Join me in FWH RISE 

(growth and gear for < $1 per day)

Joey Bowen

Blood & Bad Luck

I watch the blood spill through the teeth of his clenched jaw.

As he bends the cold steel bars of the cell apart with his bare hands,

He mutters to me —

The broken are the more evolved.

I nod solemnly in approval,

Staring straight through him,

And, in that very moment,

I remember precisely why “Split” is one of my favorite horror movies.

(Seriously, it’s well done and an exploration of the power of the human mind. Check it out.)

I’ll be watching the movie tonight!

It’s my ritual — I choose to end every Friday the 13th by watching a horror flick.

Call me superstitious, BUT

I also start every Friday the 13th the same way:

I write my “good luck strategy” in my journal.

It reminds me:

BAD LUCK doesn’t exist and

GOOD LUCK exists when I make it.

Look, there is a randomness to life’s events…

But a mystical force that is conspiring against you and your goals?

If you see a black cat walk by you?

Or if you open an umbrella indoors?

Or if the 13th day of the month is Friday?

Sorry, I don’t buy it.

Instead, I make my luck.

You can, too.

Here’s how:

1) Stay receptive

New and chance opportunities are everywhere. Starve your distractions. Pay attention to the whos, whats, whys, and wheres of each event in your day. Keep your eyes and mind wide open. Tune into your intuition, and trust your gut.

2) Stay ready

Train hard, eat right, build skills, read books, speak well, write well, and explore your edges. Daily. Ensure you have the courage, confidence, and capacity to seize an opportunity when you notice it. It will be gift-wrapped in hard work, and you will be ready to rip.

3) Stay resilient

Everything won’t start well, but everything will end well with effort. Hold this belief firmly in your heart. Do not dwell on your mistakes. Instead, correct them with your hard work. Expect success, and make it inevitable with the strength of your effort.

That’s my strategy, and it works. Guaranteed. 

I’ll prove it…

Some of my well-made luck is about to rub off on you.

Today is your lucky day!

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These FWH Friday deals end at 11:59 pm PST today (1/13/23).

Don’t sleep. ::Freddy Krueger voice::

Let’s make luck this weekend!


Joey Bowen


When I was 12, I wrote my first line of code.
That moment started my programming career,
But it also started something BIGGER —
It started my life as a process-driven thinker.
Throughout my life experience, I’ve developed over 75 ways of processing my thoughts and emotions… 
To turn them into action and results.
I call them “mental frameworks” —
They’re effective life strategies that I’ve neatly compiled into simple steps —
So I can quickly deploy them against my obstacles at a moment’s notice.
FRAMEWORKS for WORK, if you will!
I use these frameworks to overcome traumas, start businesses, scale businesses, parent well, eat right, train hard… you name it…
They’re effective against life’s minor mishaps and earth-shattering events.
Today, I want to share one with you…
Because TODAY is the most important day of your year.
It’s the first day of the first weekend of 2023…
And most people dig a hole in their lives today.
They plant their first seeds of quit —
Set to bloom by the end of the month —
When statistically, 64% of people quit on their “resolution”.
I don’t want that for you,
So here’s my mental framework to quit… quitting.
I call it “R&R” —
But there’s no rest and relaxation here.
When you’re faced with an obstacle this month, 
Take these two steps quietly and immediately:
1) REMEMBER where you came from.
Remember, there’s a past version of you out there that never thought you’d be here.
You came from worse, and you overcame worse.
This version of you is proud of your progress
Confident in your capability, 
And it KNOWS you will overcome your obstacle.
2) REFRAME where you’re going.
You aren’t heading toward failure… you’re rising toward opportunity.
Reframing isn’t about denying your obstacle exists —
It’s about defining your obstacle as what it truly is:
An opportunity for GROWTH.
It’s a leap toward meeting the other version of you that’s out there —
Your future self.
This version of you KNOWS that overcoming is your path to becoming… exactly who you are meant to be.
Keep R&R in your front pocket this month.
When your obstacle appears, let my framework precede your work —
And let me know your results!
Yours in hard work,
P.S. If this added value to you, please share it with a friend by tagging FWH on social. I want to spread our ALL COMMIT and NO QUIT mindset to the ends of the earth this year!
Joey Bowen



Until one day… I didn’t.

Each morning when I set foot on campus,

I told myself, “I hate college. I can’t do this anymore.”

I wanted to be in the real world doing real work,

Having real impact and earning real income.

I thought college was fake and a waste of my time

And I KNEW it was a drain on my bank account.

I tried to drop out one night in my sophomore year.

My Mother forbade it…

And I’m glad she did.

The next day, I had English class with Brother Fagan —

A Christian brother, who loved his coffee as much as words.

He introduced me to four words, a short phrase, that changed my life:


Meaning your words — ESPECIALLY the ones you speak to yourself — are effective, powerful

And, over time, they will BUILD or DESTROY you.

I repeated this phrase to myself daily…

And it raised my awareness to the words I used with myself.

There were too many “I can’t”s without ever even stopping to think of


Too much hate for myself and not enough HOW for myself.

That day, I stopped using “I can’t”

And I replaced it with “How can I”.

“I hate college. I can’t do this.”


“How can I finish college early?”

And with a firm, yet flexible plan and a f-ton of hard work,

I finished my Bachelor’s a year early,

Got the jumpstart on my career that I always wanted,

And set myself ahead in the game of life, for life.

I tell you this story so you can rewrite your own.

You know, the story you tell yourself about yourself,

The one filled with all the “I can’t”s and all the limiting beliefs?

It’s going to get in the way of your grand 2023 plans faster than you think —

I call by mid-January. That’s my experience.

So start this now:

Go light on your hate and heavy on your how.

Raise your awareness to the words you speak to yourself —

Immediately replace “I can’t”s with “How can I”s.

Your words are efficacious!


Joey Bowen

Curse of the 1st

I wear a steel suit when I cruise social media. 
Imagine me at FWH HQ, 
Wearing a shiny suit of creaking armor, 
Wielding a sharp sword…
And cruising Instagram on my iPhone. 
That's me! I CHOOSE what I let in!
All of the negativity, pointless arguing, moral grandstanding, useless trolling…
These posts bounce off my armor like rain on a windowpane.
Seriously, I'm mostly impenetrable.
There is one chink in my armor…
And it appears this time every year when I see a "waste week" post.
Have you seen this?
People see the week between Christmas and New Year's as a "waste week" —
A week useless to them, a week meant to discard, a week that is TRASH.
You know what I see?
I see people making their ONE LAST EXCUSE of 2022.
An excuse so they can wait until January 1st to choose effort!
I call it the "Curse of the 1st"…
And we know how it ends for them.
They're the 1st to quit come mid-January!
People are SO comfortable, SO detached, SO entitled
That they let an entire week pass without putting in effort.
I don't know about you, but I won't let a MINUTE pass without it.
I'm here to make every minute matter because I know that NONE are promised to me.
My next minute may not arrive, let alone my next week!
People just don't get that their future started yesterday…
There's no time to wait!
Maaan, society is so backward nowadays…
"Waste week" and posts like it on mass social media show us this daily.
That's why I'll be spending less time moving backward on mass social media networks,
And more time moving forward on OUR social media network, The Nest, in 2023.
The Nest is The Few's private social media network and one of the many benefits of FWH RISE®.
It's a REAL network, not a REEL network, of those that share your 100% earned and 0% entitled core belief.
If this sounds like your kind of social media, then The Nest is for you.
See you inside!
FWH RISE® isn't just The Nest! It has 15 more (and growing) benefits for your personal growth AND your FWH gear, like 20% off your monthly order. Check out all of your benefits here.
Our first accountability group (Convocation 1 aka FWH-C1) kicks off this week. No waste week here! FWH RISE®Eagles Adrienne, Evelyn, Joe, Jenn, Ali, Mike, and Katie are setting the standard for 2023 today!
Joey Bowen

Meet Cindy

“Count me in!

This is new for an apparel brand!”

Meet Cindy, a new FWH community member — who just joined us last week!

This was her reply to my FWH RISE® announcement yesterday…

And it needs addressing.

Not the “count me in” for FWH RISE® part (PUMPED for that) —

It’s the “apparel brand” part.

Look, Few Will Hunt is not an apparel brand.

“But Joey, you make clothing the dopest gear in the game!”

YES, we do — 

But we are so much more…

And we ALWAYS have been.

Since day 1.

In fact, the first 2 years of Few Will Hunt’s existence were dedicated to content, not clothing.

So before you EVER saw a product from Few Will Hunt…

You saw a post.

A hard-hitting, thought-provoking, effort-inducing… post.


Because these posts are part of our plan to better society…

By first bettering ourselves.

See, Few Will Hunt is a movement with a mission.

A crazy, critical mission — to restore the dignity of hard work in society.

You and I both know, 

Hard work is under attack, and handouts threaten a hostile takeover.

We will not allow this.

That’s why Drew and I assembled the largest, fiercest, hardest-working community on earth,

And committed our lives to educating, inspiring, and challenging them daily.

Enter FWH RISE®.

It’s our ground-breaking personal development and perks program for your growth and your gear… 

Brought to you by your favorite apparel brand FEARLESS MOVEMENT.

If you missed my FWH RISE® announcement yesterday, check it out here.

Talk soon,



Cat’s outta the bag! We already have over 100 Founding Members in FWH RISE®, and they are each well on their way to overcoming their fears and reaching their full potential in life. 

I want this for you, too.

DM me @fewwillhunt on Instagram and I’ll make sure you get your FWH RISE® invitation first when it launches next week. 

(If you already DM’d, congrats and I got you! I’m still working through the mountain of replies from yesterday.)

Joey Bowen

Please keep this between us

Drew and I chose the storied American eagle to represent FWH for many reasons, 

But there is 1 particular story that cemented our choice:

When a storm threatens the skies,

The eagle does not try to escape it.

The eagle embraces the storm,

And uses the storm’s winds to rise above it.

This is a powerful metaphor for each and every FWH Community member,

Especially YOU.

I know that you don’t flee the storms in your life —

You embrace their adversity head-on…

And you use them to rise to new levels of growth.

More often than not however, you must embark on this rise alone…


Today, I’m introducing you to the future of the FWH Community,

A new level of connectedness,

A new level of conversation,

A new level of challenge —

All to ensure that you are never alone as you rise to your next level.

As we celebrate the 5th year anniversary of our founding

And more than 125,000 members worldwide,

It’s time for our community to rise to its next level, too.

I’m ecstatic to announce to you…


An exclusive, new level of FWH membership

And the future of our community.

It’s a personal development AND perks program packed with benefits…

For both your GROWTH and your GEAR.

Imagine a private social network…

Only for those sharing the FWH mindset of all hard work and no handouts —

Only for those journeying to meet their highest, future selves —

Only for those working hard to uncap their full potential.

Now add small group accountability, quarterly goal check-ins, guest speakers, Live streams, Daily Attack Plan…

AND FWH gear benefits like unlimited free shipping, a monthly 20% off discount code, early drop access, and more.

Sounds remarkable, right?

Well, it’s here…

And you’re invited to join us.

If this sounds like your kind of community,

Like your kind of connection,

Like your kind of challenge —

DM us on Instagram and let me know!

FWH RISE® will be launching worldwide next week, 

And your DM will help me ensure you get your invitation before anyone else.

Talk soon,


Joey Bowen

End-of-year Check-in

5% of 2022 remains —

And this is our end-of-year check-in, fellow Eagle!
Have you met your 2022 goals?
OK, I’ll go first.
I set a handful of goals for myself this year. 
I accomplished most of them — 
2 stripes earned on my BJJ belt,
15+ books read, 
9% BF —
But there’s this one goal…
One goal that continues to evade me.
It’s not what you think…
“Stop and smell a rose each day.”
Let me explain!
I’m a super hard charger —
I set a goal, and I don’t stop until it’s mine. 
I get pretty maniacal when I’m on the hunt for a goal…
So much so that I forget (refuse?) to stop once per day to “smell a rose”,
That is —
To pause and truly appreciate one meaningful thing in my life. 
LOOK, if there’s one thing I’ve learned about life…
You gotta smell your roses while you can, because they won’t always be in bloom.
I didn’t do a great job of this in 2022.
So I carried the goal forward and committed to doing it daily in 2023.
Not just for myself but for those I love.
Now… enough about me.
Back to you.
Did you hit your 2022 goals? 
What got away from you?
Hit reply, text me, or DM me and let me know!
No need to hold back…
Air out your greats, goods, bads… and uglies.
It stays between us —
And I’m here to help. 
Looking forward to your reply,
I got thousands of replies to my mid-year check-in e-mail this July — and I read every single one.
The rawness and resilience in the replies deeply moved me (to tears at times), so I just want to say this…
I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to listen to your story and help you on your journey each year. 
I can’t wait to hear about the rest of your 2022 and what’s on deck for your 2023…
AND join my e-mail list for an announcement about how FWH will challenge and connect you in a BIG way in 2023!
Joey Bowen