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Article: Are you one of us?

Are you one of us?

Eagle, please read this…

It's crucial.

Each week, I speak to hundreds of people in The Few.

I leave each conversation full and fired up—

BUT I do hear this ONE thing occasionally… 

And it kills me.

"I'm not one of The Few, but I do ________…"

Hearing this drives a dull blade straight through my sternum,

So I'm going to be crystal clear and address this right here and now:

You do not become one of The Few when you achieve your goal—

You become one of The Few while you're on the hunt for it.

It's not about HAVING what you want,

It's about HUNTING what you want.

It's not your arrival at your destination,

It's your actions on your journey—

THAT is what makes you one of The Few.

You are one of The Few when you wake up each and every day,

Feeling sore,

Feeling tired,

Feeling alone,

BUT you STILL fight like hell for what you want,

For your goal,

For your dream, 

For your loved ones.

Look, on the outside, every day will not be your best day,

But that does not change who you are on the inside… 

You are one of The Few!

If you are not recognizing this,

If you are not repping The Few,

My friend, you are robbing yourself of the most powerful gift life has to offer:


You have thousands of people right here, right now, with you, on your same journey,

They've got respect for you,

They've got support for you,

They've got love for you.

Embrace them!

And when you do embrace The Few and you get what I'm saying— 

Give this gift of our community to another.

Spread this message and share your story with the person in your life that feels sore and tired and alone on their hunt—

Tell them they belong here… with us!

And, Eagle, always remember:

Your wins do not make you one of The Few—

Your works do.

You're not crazy.

You belong here.

You're one of us.




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