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Article: Built To Last Tees Drop

Built To Last Tees Drop

I live in an old, brick house.

And by old, I mean over 100 years old.

It was built in the 1920s when they constructed the Philadelphia Museum of Art (aka the “Rocky Steps”) nearby.

Everybody thought I was crazy when I bought it 10 years ago...

Except for my Dad.

He said this simple thing to me about my decision:

“You’re buying bricks. Do it.”

He was referring to the fact that the brick exterior of the house took time to build and was built to last…

To stand strong for decades —

To withstand fire, high winds, impact, sound,

And anything else the outside world may throw at it.

Fast forward to a cold January morning of this year, I sat sketching new tees for our community.

I stared in silence at the exposed brick wall in my kitchen,

And it hit me like a ton of, well, you know, bricks.

You and I built something special, brick by brick, over the past half-decade:

The Few Will Hunt Movement

Drew and I may have laid its first course of bricks 5 years ago…

But, YOU, as one of The Few, joined us to lay your bricks upon it, too.

Your bricks — made of the

Grind of your hard work,

Crush of your failure,

Pressure of your risk, and

Fire of your pain.

You, me, and The Few — we EARNED our bricks…

And we laid them, one at a time over time, to build OUR house —

The House of The Few —

THE House of Hard Work.

You will find no comfort inside…

But you will find our unmistakable, unrelenting, and unmatched community

Who is built to last and whose impact will stand the test of time.

THIS was the inspiration behind today’s FWH Friday drop:

>>> Our new Built To Last tees and crops

As I type this to you, they’re almost gone, so, ironically, the tees won’t last long in our stock,

But The Few will last long in our society.

To our brickmaking and bricklaying for decades to come!



Writing this to you fired me up so much that I forgot to mention our deal for today! When you grab a Built To Last tee, you’ll also get a FREE Hardwork University tee while supplies last. No code required. These tees are a fitting pair, don’t ya think?

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