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Article: Everybody Can't Come

Everybody Can't Come

Yesterday, I picked up a coffee and a lesson at Wawa.

I was next in line when I caught wind of a conversation happening at the register in front of me. I listened intently as the cashier questioned the customer… 

“You don’t hang with, what’s-her-name, Keisha anymore?”
“Nope, no more.”
“What about Monica?”
“Nah, haven’t seen her in a while.”
“Bria, though?”
“She’s good! But no, I’ve just been doing me, with only a few people around me.”
The customer grabbed her coffee, smiled, and walked out.
I stepped up to the register, and the cashier told me she knew the previous customer from high school. She sighed to me, “That’s how life is! You grow apart, I guess.”
“Everybody can’t come”, I replied.
The cashier tilted her head, thought for a second, and said, “I know that’s right!”
This is my hard truth for you today—
“Everybody can’t come.”
Hearing this, you may feel stressed. Or maybe you feel liberated. Either way, this is your reality:
Everybody can’t come with you on your journey toward growth in 2024.
Those that should come are those that energize and empower you.
Those that shouldn’t come are those that drain and distract you.
Right now, in this moment, you’ve got to decide. You’ve got to draw this hard line…
But before you start to devise plans on how to cut people from your life, allow me to offer you this advice:
Don’t waste your time and energy trying to cut the wrong people from your life.
It’s a zero-sum game. Trust me. Instead—
Invest your time and energy into deepening connections with the right people already in your life.
If you’re wondering who they are… they’re The Few. They get growth. And they get you. 
Right now, the best way to connect with The Few is in FWH RISE. It’s our private FWH Community. You should check it out here:
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Talk soon,

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