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Article: Funeral Home

Funeral Home

Grand Rising, Joey. Random short story for you this morning.
I worked at a funeral home for years.
As I put on my tee this morning, its mantra (“live your dash”) reminded me of that place… and a powerful lesson I learned there.
See, I saw a lot of dashes at the funeral home—
Your dash is that little line between your birth date and death date on your grave marker. It represents your life.
Unfortunately, we can’t predict the length of our dashes. 
Some will be long, and others will be tragically short…
And therein lies the lesson.
It’s not about how long you live. It’s about how you live.
Keep your mortality as part of your mentality.
This will prompt you to be present. To be where your feet are. In every moment of your day.
You must make every moment matter…
Because you don’t know if that very moment will be the one that ends your dash.
Today, there is no time to waste.
Each passing moment is an opportunity for growth. 
Don’t just go toward your grave. 
Grow toward your goal.
Most don't know this:
If you want to grow, you must be surrounded by growth. By people who understand the lesson above and act accordingly. You can find these people in FWH RISE.
See you inside.

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