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Article: How To Stay On The Path (VIA)

How To Stay On The Path (VIA)

Eagle, sharing something you may not know about me here—
I’m a word nerd.
Sure, I love reading and writing, but my love of words runs waaay deeper...
See, I believe words are incredibly powerful.
They can create you, or they can destroy you.
(Surprise! I don’t believe the “sticks and stones” saying.)
So when a fellow Community Member asked me how to “stay on the path” to her goal yesterday, it won’t surprise you that this word appeared in my mind:
It means “path” in many languages…
But it’s also how I stay on the path in my daily life.
Look, to stay consistent and committed to your goal, three things are required of you daily:
[V]ision (Clearly see the details of where you’re headed)
[I]ntent (Fully understand the why behind ALL of your behaviors)
[A]ction (Imperfectly do what(ever) it takes to move toward your outcome) 
When I’m “off the path”, I am not fulfilling one or more of these three daily requirements. Without fail.
The same will hold true for you, Eagle.
Today, I urge you to reflect on your path. Have you veered abruptly or wandered slightly off it? 
If so, which of these three will guide you back on your path?

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