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Article: I want you 🫵🏻🇺🇸

I want you 🫵🏻🇺🇸

Quick question for you on this fine day, Eagle—
Do you (or someone you know) make products in the USA? 
If so, I want you for FWH! 
As you know, FWH has committed to making our gear right here in the USA—
And I want to take this commitment a step further!
I want to work exclusively with The Few as we add more American-made gear to our site.
Eagles working with Eagles. The way it should be!
So, if you make something in the USA—
(It could be bandanas, bracelets, bags, blankets, collars, cards— anything goes.)
E-mail or DM me and tell me about it!
OK, I gotta catch a flight.
Talk soon,
I’ll be at BK Live in Costa Mesa, CA this week.
We’ll have a pop-up shop at this EPIC event, 
So hit me up if you want to meet in person or grab gear!

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