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Article: Luck Favors Hard Workers

Luck Favors Hard Workers

I’ve been surrounded by betting my entire life.

My experiences started out innocent —

With fond memories of playing cards at my grandparent’s small kitchen table as a kid.

(I’d rake in loose change winnings playing 500 Rummy!)

As I got older, I met a lot of neighborhood number runners, bookies, and serious poker players.

Then my experiences turned not so innocent —

With a handful of these acquaintances going waaay too deep and getting locked up for multi-million dollar betting rings.

Through all of this, I learned 1 thing:

People rarely, if ever, bet on themselves.

To get ahead, they’d rather bet on a shuffled deck of cards, a random drawing, or an uncontrollable sporting event —

All of which are banking on this mystical force called “luck”.

This is a huge problem — not just for them, but for our society as a whole.


Because when you rely solely on luck to get ahead, you emphasize the things that you can’t control, instead of focusing on the many things that you can control, in life.

This personal emphasis on lack of control snowballs and strengthens the main things eroding our society today:

The victim mentality

Endless shortcut seeking

Lack of personal accountability

When Drew and I released the Luck tees and crops to our community, we aimed not only battle these societal ills, but also to rewrite the narrative on luck.

Our Luck design boldly states what we believe as fact:

“Luck favors hard workers”

In other words, you get “lucky” when you intentionally choose to work hard on the 3 things that you can control in your life:

Your thoughts which determine…
Your choices which define…
Your actions which design your life.

Our Luck design also features an illustrated skeleton hand grasping playing cards for a very important reason…

These icons represent the 2 key things to remember when you bet on yourself:

  1. Your clock is ticking. You will die. Start betting on yourself right now — at this very moment — or no one else will.
  2. You’ve got to play the hand you were dealt in life. You are not the victim of your circumstances. With hard work, you will be the victor over them.
So, from today forward, I urge you to always bet on yourself and wager your hard work.

The stakes are high — your self-belief, your purpose, and your fulfillment are in the pot.

Go all in and win big!



The next time someone tells you that you’re “lucky” for what you’ve earned, please be sure to tell them that luck had absolutely nothing to do with it — it was your self-belief, focus, hard work, sacrifice… and courage to consistently bet on yourself.

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