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Article: Our Mission

Our Mission

Yo fellow Eagle!

I’m back in Philly, fresh off my Nashville trip.

I was there with the team as a sponsor of Vince Del Monte’s 2022 Fitness Business Summit.

It was an amazing event that provided TONS of value to the 450+ fitness professionals in attendance.

While there, I met many FWH community members in-person for the first time

And welcomed many new members into our movement. (Pumped for them!)

It was really a blast…

And then it got even better.

Vince was gracious enough to bring me on stage to speak about the origins of “Few Will Hunt”.

I didn’t do it though…

Well, I did get on stage,

BUT I felt compelled to speak about something more than just our name.

I spoke about our MISSION —

Why we were on it…

And what it meant for society.

Of course, we brought apparel with us to the event, but I was sure to tell the audience —


We are so much more than an apparel company.

We’re a movement, specifically a countermovement, with a crystal clear mission.

See, in 2017, Drew and I founded Few Will Hunt because we felt —

We felt alone in a world of shortcuts, hacks, magic pills, success fairies, and entitlement.

Being from a hard-working, gritty Philly family, we subscribed to none of these things —

And, quite frankly, we were sick and tired of watching them

Soften and sap our society of its strength.

So what did we do about it?

We did what we do best:

We got to work.

We set a goal to ensure we, and those like us, would never feel alone again.

We set out to build Few Will Hunt, the world’s largest community of hard workers,

And its members, The Few, would be united in 1 clear mission:

Restore the dignity of hard work

The Few would restore hard work to the rank and respect that it once had in society…

To the rank and respect it deserves!

Not with the hot air of our words…

But with the hard action of our work.

We would set a new standard…

And show others how hard work could change their circumstances, their lives, and, ultimately, our society.

People called Drew and me “crazy” for setting this goal back then

But, here we are today, The Few are 100,000+ deep and stronger than ever…

Us changing society doesn’t seem so crazy now, does it?

To always advancing our mission!



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