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Article: Scooter


"OH MY GOD! Is she OK?!"

A woman screamed as she darted toward me from a nearby bus stop.

I didn't respond.

I didn't know.

My eyes fixed on my youngest daughter, Cecilia.

She laid, folded up like a piece of paper, on the corner of Pennsylvania Ave. in Philly.

See, Cecilia is in her "go fast, don't die" phase.

This means that she's essentially Evil Knievel,

But the 4-year-old version… and on a scooter.

On the way home from school last week, she was kick-pushing her scooter at Mach 5 speed down a hill—

When she hit a crack in the sidewalk.

The header she took was one of the books...

Full send, over the handlebars, with a not-so-gracious tuck and roll on the cement.

It was ugly, and it shook everyone around her.

My kid is durable (as most are), and after a big hug, she walked away with only cuts and bruises...

But she was absolutely petrified to get back on her scooter.

"Daddy, can you carry my scooter home?"

I picked up the scooter… then I thought about it.

I put it back down on the sidewalk, pointing it and my eyes toward home.

I just wanted to give her another big hug,

But I decided the best love I could give her was a lesson.

"Cecilia, you're OK, baby," I said.

"This is what learning feels like sometimes.

It hurts, but you'll ride better now.

Will you be brave and try again?"

She smeared the tears from her eyes with both hands and nodded yes.

"Hey… look at me. I'm very proud of you", I said.

It was at that moment I felt a tap on my shoulder—

It was a stranger, standing there with his son and his scooter.

They watched the whole thing.

All he said was:

"You're doing a great job, Dad."

Then he smiled at me, and they carried on.

Breaking the silence, Cecilia said, "Ready, Daddy?"

Holding back my tears, I said,

"Ready. Let's do this."

I share this story with you today for two reasons:


No matter what type of fall you've experienced recently in your life—

Be it in your fitness, family, finances, or faith—

I want to remind you today:

This is what learning looks like… and feels like.

It batters you,

Then it betters you.

Failing doesn't make you a failure—

As long as you don't give up.

Don't waste your new wisdom—

Have the courage to try again.


Too many flowers are given at funerals when it's too late.

We don't say this enough to each other,

So I want to tell you today:

You're doing a great job.

You are not your past fall.

You are your present choice.

You are making future you proud.

I'm here for you when you need me.

Talk soon,


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