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Article: Violence is a Virtue

Violence is a Virtue

Sketch of VIAV
VIAV Crest Design
VIAV Muay Thai Shorts

My friend, you've told me you're a fighter.

Maybe you've even sworn an oath to yourself and others —

To fight for the innocent,

To grapple with evil,

To be a protector.

I respect you for this,

And I know you'll understand what I'm about to say:

Violence is a virtue. 

It deserves mention among the virtues put on a pedestal —

Like patience, generosity, and humility.


Because violence is the antidote to weakness.

See, society's got it all wrong —

Society sees those that commit evil acts against the innocent as too strong and violent,

But their violence is not strength —

It's weakness.

They are too weak for restraint.

They are too weak for resolve.

They are too weak for righteousness. 

Then there's you.

You are strong, sharp, skilled,

And, most importantly,

You are a master of self —

A master of it all.

You have the capacity for violence,

And the capability of control.

This self-control makes you both powerful and peaceful —

It makes you strong,

It makes you a savior in society,

And it makes your violence… virtuous.

This was my inspiration behind our newest fightwear drop —


This drop is not for everybody, but I know it's for you.

Its design is deep, dangerous, and disciplined:

The Stoic skull in the design represents your ticking clock of life.

The skull wears a crown of olive branches as a symbol of your peaceful control,

And the dagger through the skull's eye denotes your violent power.

It reminds you of this truth:

You must be proficient with your dagger,

But more proficient with its sheath.

Stay violent and virtuous,


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