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Article: Why the eagle?

Why the eagle?

People always ask me:

“Why did you choose the eagle to represent Few Will Hunt?”

When Drew and I made this decision in 2017,

We did not take it lightly.

For ages, the bald eagle has been known for her courage, resilience, and vision.

However, 3 other qualities led us to choose her as the symbol of our community…

I’ve never fully explained them before —

So for the first time ever, here they are!

#1 Freedom

Yes, the bald eagle is the symbol of American freedom.

In 1782, the eagle was adopted as our national emblem by the Second Continental Congress in Philly (just minutes from FWH HQ).

The eagle is free to soar where she wants, when she wants, to do what she wants…

But our reasoning is deeper than this.

We believe that freedom is our foundation.

It is the raw material of our lives…

And it must be protected.

We are eternally grateful to the women and men devoted to defending it at all costs…

Because, without it, Few Will Hunt would simply not exist.

Our freedom enables us to do the 1 thing that builds our community and advances our mission…

Hard work.

#2 Hard Work

The eagle is equipped with all the sharpest weaponry —

Sharp, binocular vision for spotting opportunities,

Sharp, curved talons for snatching prey, and a

Sharp, pointed beak for tearing flesh.

However, she is not a natural-born killer.

She must work hard to build the skills required to hunt…

And to survive.

See, nearly 50% of young eagles don’t survive their first winter,

So their hard work is literally do or die.

At just 6 months old, she must reject the comfort of her nest

And tenaciously confront the harsh reality of nature life:

There are no free meals. Everything must be earned.

As she hunts, eats, and grows, she uncovers an important revelation…

She is not only working hard to survive, but for a much greater purpose —

To serve.

#3 Service

Although her hard work helps her rule our airspace as an aerial assassin,

She is not simply a killing machine.

You may not realize it,

But the majority of the eagle’s life is spent serving her young:

Protecting them against the wildest predators

Providing them warmth through the harshest winters

Pushing them to leave the nest to hone their survival skills

This is her greater purpose —

Her life’s mission —

To serve.

So WHY these 3 qualities?

What do freedom, hard work, and service have to do with FWH?


Drew and I had a vision for an unrivaled community…

Whose members did the hard work, each and every day,

To free themselves from what mentally and physically confines them,

So that they may live purpose-driven lives in service of those they love.

See, these 3 qualities don’t just describe the eagle…

They describe YOU, me, and The Few.

We set the example of hard work —

And our mission to restore its dignity will reset the stage for generations to come.

The FWH Eagle will be front and center for tomorrow’s FWH Friday 010 drops —

As the undeniable symbol of who we are and what we do.

Let’s hunt!


P.S. Thank you for reading my post! To show my appreciation for you, take 17% off your order today with code JOEY17.

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