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Article: You



You're brave,

You're strong,

And you're smart.

How's that for a compliment??

Well, it's the truth.

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Especially one person in particular……


Know this:

You can't believe everything you think.

There are a lot of reasons why:

Cognitive bias, limited perspective, misinformation, emotions, etc.

(I go in-depth on these with FWH RISE members all the time.)

To keep it short:

Most of your thoughts are simply feelings, not facts.

They're felt truths, not observed truths.

They're based on your feelings at that very moment —

Not your lifetime of facts that prove otherwise.

Here's the most straightforward example of this:

Just because you're having a bad day,

It doesn't mean you suck or your life sucks. (Both felt truths.)

You woke up today, you're breathing, and you have people in your life who care about you, including me. (All observed truths.)

You don't suck. Neither does your life.

Why is it so important to know this about your thoughts?

Your thoughts determine your choices,

Your choices define your actions, and

Your actions design your life!

So, today, remember:

"You're braver than you believe

Stronger than you seem

And smarter than you think."

Now, go prove it to yourself!




I'm pretty sure that Pooh said the quote above first. What a wise dude.

I think it's so powerful that I hung it above my oldest daughter's dresser,

And I make sure it's the first thing she reads when she wakes up.


It's World Compliment Day. I know, they've got a day for everything.

Compliment someone today. Make his or her day. It's free. 

I know you will, so here's something free for you. 

Use code COMPLIMENT for free shipping today only.

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