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Yo! Joey here. Thanks for checking us out!

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If you’re new to Few Will Hunt, read our origin story below to learn more about our mission of restoring the dignity of hard work.

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Few Will Hunt® restores the dignity of hard work by physically and mentally outfitting the world’s hardest workers

For 1 year straight in 2017, two cousins, Joey and Drew, spent their daily commutes through the gritty streets of Philadelphia on the phone together. On these calls, they talked about business and life — especially the concerning trends of self-entitlement and shortcut-seeking that they were witnessing in society.

These trends made them feel alone in an ever-softening world. “Are we the only ones that still believe in the power of hard work?”, Drew asked. Joey responded, “It’s like we say at my hunting cabin — everybody wants to eat, but few will hunt.” This statement perfectly summed up their frustrations with society. It became their mantra. Everybody wants the fit body, the big promotion, the good life, the successful business… but very, very few people are willing to work hard, risk, and suffer for these results. In that moment, they made a pact. Through their own hard work, they would start a countermovement to put society back on track. Aptly named Few Will Hunt®, their movement would leave a lasting impression on the world by restoring the dignity of hard work.

That same night, Joey (from the tech industry) designed a t-shirt with their mantra and Drew (already in the apparel industry) put it into production. This first, humble Few Will Hunt t-shirt would serve as the flag for their movement. They started an Instagram community and focused on creating inspiring, educational content to help others like them endure pain and embrace risk as they worked hard toward their goals. 

By mid 2018, the Few Will Hunt community was growing and it was hungry for more apparel. Community members didn’t want to just read the hard-hitting statements from Few Will Hunt’s Instagram posts. They felt the Few Will Hunt movement in themselves, and they wanted to wear it on themselves. After a year of community-building through content only, Joey and Drew got serious about their apparel offering and a family business, strongly aligned with the impression that they wanted to leave on the world, was born in Philadelphia.

Few Will Hunt apparel is now tested, trusted, and worn by hard workers in over 75 countries. You’ll see it on the backs of the hard workers everywhere — from budding writers pounding their keyboards at your local coffee shop to professional fighters pounding their opponents under the bright lights of the UFC octagon.

Through painstaking, relentless hard work, Joey and Drew have grown the Few Will Hunt movement from 100 hard workers in 2017 to over 100,000 hard workers today. Its impact has become undeniable in society…

And they’re just getting started.