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Article: 3 Choices for Change

3 Choices for Change

We’re almost a week into 2024, and most people are beginning to realize that they didn’t magically transform on January 1.
They’re still the same them. And they’re frustrated because they don’t understand this truth:
A new you isn’t born by a new calendar.  A new you is born by a new choice.
For me, three very specific choices birthed the new me. These choices transformed me from a stressed, reactive human animal to a stoic, resilient human being. 
When I chose to stop hating what the mass media told me to hate, when I chose to stop running from my wounds and weaknesses, when I chose to stop taking in the world’s every whim—
I transformed for the better… almost overnight.
I share my three choices with you below because I know they’ll help you make the transformation you desire in 2024. Whether it be in your fitness, finances, family, faith, or all of the above, these are your fundamental, daily choices for change:
1) Love more than you loathe
2) Embrace more than you escape
3) Create more than you consume 
They’re simple to do, but they ain’t easy to do. That’s good, because, as The Few say “easy doesn’t end well”…
But you don’t have to make these hard choices alone. You can make them with my support and the support of over 100 of The Few in FWH RISE.
Our first FWH Social of 2024 is this Sunday on Zoom! We’ll be talking about our 2024 goals and the systems we’ve created to achieve them.
Hope to see you there,

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