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Article: Anxiety’s Antidote

Anxiety’s Antidote

I've got it.

You've got it.

We both want to rid ourselves of it.

It's a thug,

It's a thief,

It's a thing that seems insurmountable:


Speaking for myself,

When I'm anxious,

I'm tough to be around.

My anxiety really affected my relationships over the years —

So I had no choice but to figure out its antidote.

See, the source of my anxiety (and yours, too) is mainly:


Using the snooze button to avoid your day

Using distractions to avoid your to-do list

Using alcohol and drugs to avoid your suppressed pain —

All of this avoidance is detrimental because it only:


It builds and builds… and builds…

Until it crushes you and, worse, those around you.

It's vicious.

(But not as vicious as you.)

I reached my breaking point with anxiety, and when I broke,

I had a breakthrough —

I finally realized the antidote to anxiety!

Best part is, the antidote isn't some woo-woo breathing technique,

Or some fancy morning routine,

Or some liquid concoction. It's:


IMPERFECT action, to be exact.

The more imperfect, the better, actually.

Imperfect action is fast action

And fast-acting action destroys long-lasting anxiety.

The key is to be aware of your avoidance…

Then be apt to your action,

Before anxiety sinks its sharp hooks into you.

Don't get me wrong. This is hard! 

It takes consistent practice —

Moment by moment and day by day —

But that's why you're here with me…

Here WITH US — the FWH Community.

You are not alone.

We do hard things TOGETHER

And that togetherness does something very powerful…

It makes hard things just that little bit easier —

So you can stay consistent, on course, and confident.

For today's FWH Friday deal, we've got a massive deal on a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you or a man in your life.

You can attend the Wildman Experience with our good friend and former Special Operations member, Johnny Elsasser, from Nov. 3 to Nov. 6 in Corpus Christi!

The Wildman Experience is EPIC — hatchets, helicopters, hard things, healing, honesty…

You'll return home from the experience with real strategies to become who you are really meant to be —

For yourself and those you love.

DM Johnny on Instagram (or reply to me!), mention FWH, and save over $1,000 on the Wildman Experience.

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I said it above, but it's important, so I'll say it again:

You are not alone.

The whole FWH team and community are a text, e-mail, DM, or comment away —


We've got you when you need it most.


We lost a beautiful soul and an OG FWH Community member last week, Carolinne Simon. If you have the means, please consider helping her family during this difficult time.

Rest easy, Carolinne. We will continue the hard work for you.

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