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Article: Meet Asif

Meet Asif

Drew and I made a promise to the FWH community many years ago.

We actually made the promise as Drew clicked “submit” on our very first production run of FWH OG tees in 2017.

“We’ll always do it this way — always, no compromises”, Drew said.

“Always, no matter what”, I nodded.

There’s no better way to tell you about this promise than to give you a recent example of how we kept this promise.

It’s a crazy story with a happy ending, so hear me out!

Meet fellow FWH community member Asif. He hails from Texas.

Asif found us on Instagram and fell in love with our gear, the FWH movement, and our rash guards.

One rash guard in particular was his favorite:

"Everything about it was perfect! The fit, the color, the feel, I was stoked to wear it!", he said.

He loved it so much that he wore it to every BJJ class.

His teammates complimented him on it…

And his professor even tried to steal it from him! Haha.

Speaking of stealing — this is where the story takes an unfortunate turn.

One night, Asif went out with his teammates after class.

He left his FWH rash guard in his gym bag in the backseat of his car…

And someone smashed his window and stole it!

Look, we get it, who wouldn’t want one of our sick rash guards —

But this was just criminal.

Asif was heartbroken and couldn’t imagine training without his go-to rash guard.

He immediately hit our site to order a new one…

But there was one problem — we were sold out!

He knew our restocks always sold out quickly, so he asked us to set one aside for him when they came in.

Drew and I knew that this was our opportunity to keep the promise we made a couple years earlier.

So just what was that promise?


We wanted to do what was right by Asif and our community.

We wanted to go above and beyond for our community with stellar service.

So we decided to not only set aside the replacement for Asif…

But to replace it for free.

No photos of his smashed car window.

No research into this customer history.

No shipping charges.

Asif was shocked (and thrilled!) that we did this. In his review, he wrote:

"If you want a bad@ss Rashguard/Shirts/shorts made by a bad@ss company that genuinely cares about their customers and the work they put in, look no further."

This is how we want every community member to feel;

And we couldn’t have said it any better!

Talk soon,


P.S. Did you know that our rash guards are inspired by our tees? Since you’re subscribed to our community e-mails, you can grab any tee or rash guard for 17% off this week only with code FWHPROMISE.

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