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Article: i quit

i quit

"Drew, I'll be here when you need me,

And I'll help out from time to time when I can,

But I just can't do Few Will Hunt anymore, cuz."

I rehearsed this in my mind in an empty parking lot

As my sleep-deprived eyes stared back at me

In my iPhone screen reflection.

I was mustering up the courage to tap call and tell Drew —

"I quit Few Will Hunt."

Let me explain…

You may not know this, but up until last year,

I had a full-time job —

And it wasn't some mail-it-in, 9 to 5 gig either.

It was 70 hours per week (at least) of leading a big team (20+) doing big things (complex IT) in a challenging market.

Just a few Octobers ago, my team I made a huge mistake at said job.

The mistake cost the company big time — well into the 5 figures.

Worse, it really shook our client's confidence in us…

And my team's confidence in themselves.

At that moment, I contemplated quitting Few Will Hunt.

"I just can't do both anymore,

I'm not my best for either,

This is not sustainable", I told myself.

The whole thing really f'd me up and I lost A LOT of sleep over it…

But you know how this story ends!

Look, I'm a lot of things…

But one thing I am NOT is a quitter.

Never have been. Never will be.

I did call Drew that day, but instead of waving my white flag,

We pledged to each other:

We would successfully restore the dignity of hard work through Few Will Hunt,

Or we would die trying.

(Our exact words:

"We will succeed in FWH's mission, or we will die on our swords.”)

I tell you this story to call a popular phrase to the carpet:

"Failure is not an option."

Actually, in reality:

Failure IS an option —

It's inevitable when you're hunting the greatness inside YOU,

And it should be embraced as a part of your hard work —

As a required part of your process…


So what is not an option?


I submit:

"Quitting is not an option."

The irony is, most people are QUITTING

Because they fear FAILING

Which keeps them from even TRYING…

And a life without trying is no life at all.

If you didn't know, now you know:

I don't waive white flags,

I don't EVEN OWN a white flag…

But I do own an American one.

It's THE BEST handcrafted wooden flag ever made

And, today, you can own one, too!

For today's FWH Friday 034 deal, we've teamed up with Stars and Stripes Co.,

(Owned by OG Community Member and friend Noah Elias!)

To give away a hand-cut, hand-chiseled, and hand-painted American flag.

I've got his burnt rustic 37" x 20" flag in my home gym and another full-color rustic 37" x 7" flag at my cabin…

And we've got "The GIANT" 60" x 32" rustic flag on order for FWH HQ.

When you place a FWH order (for anything) today,

You enter to win the Stars and Stripes Co. flag of your choice!

Check out all your flag options here.

Have a great (go owning your) weekend!



Remember, failing doesn't mean you're a failure. It means you're fierce enough to feel your fear and try anyway. You're doing it right — keep going and keep growing!

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