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Article: OCTOBER 2022 FWH 30-FOR-30

OCTOBER 2022 FWH 30-FOR-30


OCTOBER 2022 FWH 30-FOR-30

We’re bringing the burpees.


Complete this month's 30-for-30 and receive a one-time 30% off code that never expires.

Simple. (But not easy!)

Here are 5 simple 30-for-30 ground rules:

Rule #1 If you miss a day, you're out of the challenge.

Rule #2 If you miss a day, you're out of the challenge.

Yes, Rule #2 reinforces Rule #1. (And I just went Fight Club on you.)

You're doing 30 of something (i.e., reading for 30 minutes) for 30 consecutive days…

No exceptions.

If you get kicked out of the challenge for missing a day,

We suggest donating $30 to your favorite charity.

We support many veteran, youth, and animal rescue causes, so we'll suggest one if ya need it. :)

Rule #3 Modifying is OK… quitting is NOT.


Rule #4 Mark off your completed day on your FWH 30-for-30 Tracker and post it in your story/feed.

Peep our Instagram story right now to screenshot your FWH 30-for-30 Tracker. You can also download it here.

Rule #5 WHEN (not if) you complete the monthly challenge, DM us your completed Tracker, and we'll respond with your 30% off code.

Any questions? DM us!


Download the FWH 30-for-30 Tracker here.

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