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Article: FWH Friday is changing

FWH Friday is changing

I gazed at the letter envelope on the passenger seat of my Thunderbird —

Knowing that when it ripped open,

My life would change forever.

“To improve is to change”, I affirmed.

Then, I snatched the envelope, marched into my office,

And I resigned.

That was 2005 and everything in my life was changing —

My family, friends, relationships, career…

And my identity.

For 17 years since that moment, I’ve ruled myself by that short affirmation:

“To improve is to change”

I speak it often when frustratingly hitting a ceiling, wall, plateau…

And, again and again, it helps me arrive at a powerful truth:

“Change is the law of life. Change now. It’s time.”

Change is the only constant, 

And, when constantly embraced, 

It leads to constant improvement.

Change has been on my mind this week because 

We’re changing how we do FWH Friday —

In the name of improvement!

Moving forward, we will no longer drop gear every FWH Friday — 

Our only guaranteed drop will be the last FWH Friday of every month.


We’re changing the schedule to serve you better —

Taking the time to create bigger, better monthly drops… 

Full of brand new gear with our hard-hitting messages that you love.

Never fear… I’ll continue to deliver a deal (and discipline!) to you every FWH Friday

And we'll surprise you with a flash drop from time to time!

Speaking of surprises… let’s talk about today’s deal.

Since this is our last weekly FWH Friday drop, 

We’re going out with a BANG —

Our site-wide 20% Off + Free Shipping sale starts NOW.

Use code EAGLE20 to take 20% OFF everything and get FREE SHIPPING.

(This means up to 50% off Last Call gear!)

We can only afford to run this sale for less than 24 hours,

So cop your gear today before 11:59 pm EST.

BONUS: In honor of International Coffee Day, your order comes with an Essential Latte from our friends at STRONG Coffee Company.

A strong sale and STRONG Coffee? Can’t beat that!

While you’re filling your cart, check out today’s drops:

Our much-loved FWH Performance Cap — now in Cool Blue


FWH Polos! Black, gray, or blue — they’re perfect for the office or the links

One more thing...

October’s 30-for-30 challenge is 30 consecutive days of 30 burpees —

And it begins tomorrow! Hit our blog for details.

To change!


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