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Article: Blood & Bad Luck

Blood & Bad Luck

I watch the blood spill through the teeth of his clenched jaw.

As he bends the cold steel bars of the cell apart with his bare hands,

He mutters to me —

The broken are the more evolved.

I nod solemnly in approval,

Staring straight through him,

And, in that very moment,

I remember precisely why “Split” is one of my favorite horror movies.

(Seriously, it’s well done and an exploration of the power of the human mind. Check it out.)

I’ll be watching the movie tonight!

It’s my ritual — I choose to end every Friday the 13th by watching a horror flick.

Call me superstitious, BUT

I also start every Friday the 13th the same way:

I write my “good luck strategy” in my journal.

It reminds me:

BAD LUCK doesn’t exist and

GOOD LUCK exists when I make it.

Look, there is a randomness to life’s events…

But a mystical force that is conspiring against you and your goals?

If you see a black cat walk by you?

Or if you open an umbrella indoors?

Or if the 13th day of the month is Friday?

Sorry, I don’t buy it.

Instead, I make my luck.

You can, too.

Here’s how:

1) Stay receptive

New and chance opportunities are everywhere. Starve your distractions. Pay attention to the whos, whats, whys, and wheres of each event in your day. Keep your eyes and mind wide open. Tune into your intuition, and trust your gut.

2) Stay ready

Train hard, eat right, build skills, read books, speak well, write well, and explore your edges. Daily. Ensure you have the courage, confidence, and capacity to seize an opportunity when you notice it. It will be gift-wrapped in hard work, and you will be ready to rip.

3) Stay resilient

Everything won’t start well, but everything will end well with effort. Hold this belief firmly in your heart. Do not dwell on your mistakes. Instead, correct them with your hard work. Expect success, and make it inevitable with the strength of your effort.

That’s my strategy, and it works. Guaranteed. 

I’ll prove it…

Some of my well-made luck is about to rub off on you.

Today is your lucky day!

I’ve got 4 FWH Friday deals for you:

1) 13% OFF site-wide with code MAKELUCK

2) EVERY order gets a FREE “Luck Favors Hard Workers” Keychain while supplies last

3) Random orders get a FREE “Luck Favors Hard Workers” Banner while supplies last

4) 13% OFF your first month of FWH RISE with code MAKELUCK

These FWH Friday deals end at 11:59 pm PST today (1/13/23).

Don’t sleep. ::Freddy Krueger voice::

Let’s make luck this weekend!


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