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January 21, 2023

4:50 am EST


The surveillance video flashed this in grainy white text on an eerie black screen.

A few seconds passed, then the subject appeared.

It was ME.

My stomach dropped.

There I was — drinking water, sitting at my counter, and writing this e-mail to you.

I’m being watched.

Not just in public, but in the privacy of my own home,” I whispered in disbelief.

24/7/365,” someone whispered back.

Startled, I looked up —

Only to see who was responsible for this heinous invasion of privacy.

It was ME.


Well, it was future me —

And he had a look on his face that I’d seen before.

It was the look of approval.

He was proud.

He knew I could have chosen to stay nestled in bed, but instead,

I chose to wake up before the world —

To chase my big dream of restoring the dignity of hard work

And deliver this important message:

You’re being watched, too.

Your future self is watching you and your clock with an intent gaze…

Waiting for you to end your excuses,

Waiting for you to embrace your full potential,

Waiting for you to become the person that you’re destined to be.

Let today be the day.

Do the hard thing, do the extra thing, do the right thing —

And make your future self proud.


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