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Article: We are not the same

We are not the same

So today is "Opposites Day" —

A day when we rebel and do the opposite of what we do as a society.

Well, well…

If that's the case…

Every day is Opposites Day for The Few.

In fact, the desire for opposites birthed the Few Will Hunt community:

We saw nothing but entitlement and wanted to see earning,

We saw nothing but victims and wanted to see victors,

We saw nothing but hacks and wanted to see hard work.

And we saw people like us —

Hard-working, risk-taking, freedom-loving doers and earners...

Just as lonely as us.

At that moment, Drew and I took the responsibility to bond "the few" hard workers left in our society,

And embark on a to-the-death mission to restore the dignity of hard work with them.

We took a massive leap of vision and unshakeable faith and did it OUR way:

The opposite way

We started Few Will Hunt through BONDING instead of "branding"… or whatever they call it nowadays.

A community built by BEING and DOING the opposite of society —

A countermovement of outliers —

The last of the OUTWORKERS.

Today, embrace your position in The Few.

Continue to be and do the opposite courageously in society.

You will be misunderstood —

But you will be free, fulfilled, and a force to be reckoned with.




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