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Article: Leg


I have a morning ritual.
I wake up, dart to my kitchen, drink 32 oz. of water,
And let my dog, Dexter, do his business in my backyard.
Recently though… this ritual came with a very unexpected surprise.
It was just like every morning until Dexter stepped into the backyard.
His guard went up immediately.
He stalked toward an object in the grass,
Once he reached it, he cautiously circled and pawed at it.
I squinted to see what it was…
And I could not believe my eyes.
It was an entire leg!
Torn clean from its hip socket.
The area around it was so disheveled…
I knew a struggle had taken place.
There was no body in sight,
But the leg was surrounded by something else:
Pigeon feathers
Now, Pigeons are SMART…
They can learn the alphabet,
They can multi-task,
They can tell time,
And more.
Some consider them to be the smartest birds on the planet…
So how could this pigeon have fallen victim to such a vicious attack?
Even with all that pigeons know,
Birds that know less dismember them quickly...
Because these types of birds choose to DO more. 
More scouting,
More hunting,
More killing.
Yes, Philly is known for its pigeons…
But my city block is ruled by Philly's birds of prey.
Falcons, to be exact.
They nest in nearby Fairmount Park,
And they hunt in my backyard. 
They choose to DO, more often than they choose to KNOW,
And this is why they reign at the top of the avian food chain. 
Learn from them.
Apply this to your life. 
By all means:
Read all the books,
Take all the courses,
Watch all the speakers. 
Knowledge is power,
Action always prevails.
May your doing prevail over your knowing this day,
This week, 
This month,
This year —
Stay on the hunt,
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