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Article: It’s FWH Friday!

It’s FWH Friday!

It’s freaking FWH Friday!

THE best day and THE best way to close out the week…

And a big week it was at FWH HQ!

Here’s what went down:

1) Bedros Keuilian dropped bombs in FWH RISE on Tuesday night!

He spoke about the 3 things required to hit your 2023 goals — vision, values, and victories. We often think of victories as BIG wins, but the truth is, our victories are the sum of many SMALL, stacked wins throughout a single day. These are what compound to create our success!

Catch the full recording in FWH RISE.

2) I was a guest on the Consequence of Habit show… LIVE from HQ!

Don’t miss this episode! Josh and I covered my creative process, FWH the movement v. FWH the business, our support of COH, contrast in your life, and the absolute worst habit you can have. (Snooze button? Alcohol? Negativity? Nope. It’s not what you think.)

Listen to the full episode here.

3) Nicky Rodriguez held a Q&A in FWH RISE on Wednesday night!

Nothing was off the table! Nicky answered all types of questions from FWH RISE members — how he rose to greatness in professional grappling, his pre-competition rituals, his diet and sleep routines, his life as an entrepreneur and cofounder of B-Team Jiu Jitsu, and more.

Catch the entire recording in FWH RISE.

Those are just our HQ hits of the week…

You already know a TON of hard work went down, too!

One more thing —

I’ve got FWH Friday deals for you!

Get a free best-selling banner with your order over $70 while supplies last.

Get a free best-selling tee with your order over $100 while supplies last.

Today only. No code needed.

(Pro-tip: We price-dropped tees. Check ‘em out.)

Talk soon,


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