Sending you this short note to start your weekend, my friend —
Know that I’m an insanely curious person.
I prefer questions over answers… almost always.
Questions are much more powerful…
So I want to pass along my favorite question to you:
“How much of human life is lost in waiting?”
Thank Emerson for this gem —
I know I do.
It casts a light on my belief that
Waiting is the worst human habit.
Waiting robs you of your wish.
Waiting robs you of your work.
Waiting robs you of your WORTH.
If you want to fail at anything —
Literally, ANYTHING —
Wait until tomorrow to start it.
See, the greatest tragedy of life isn’t dying…
It’s that we all wait so long to start living.
So this weekend…
Stop waiting.
Take your next step —
In your fitness,
In your business,
In your relationship.
Your step will be imperfect,
But that’s the greatest beauty of life —
Everything is.
Yours in hard work,
Joey Bowen