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Article: Revolution


Joe Rogan recently joined the FWH Community on Instagram—

How wild is that??

We’re pumped!!

So we put together a welcome package for him yesterday at HQ—

MG even hand-wrote a card from us to drop in the package.

And while she was writing it, I asked her to make an edit:

Add ‘to-the-death’ before the word ‘mission’, please

She fixed her eyes on me with stern approval—

On it”, she said.

What’s crazy is, unknowingly, I’ve been adding “to-the-death” before our mission recently.

It first happened in an e-mail to you last week,

So I’m just gonna go on the record here—

It’s no longer:

“Our mission is to restore the dignity of hard work”

It’s now our:

“TO-THE-DEATH mission is to restore the dignity of hard work”

Look, this addition should be no surprise to you…

Since 2017, Drew and I have always said that we’d die trying…

And we mean it.

So much so that maybe this isn’t even a “mission” anymore??

It sounds more like a REVOLUTION to me!!

Like George Washington leading the Continental Army to victory against the British,

Drew and I are leading The Few to victory against the lazy and entitled of today’s society.

And just saying —

If George were alive today, no doubt he’d be one of The Few.

Don’t you agree? 

George’s birthday is coming up, so we’re going to celebrate HIS revolution and OUR revolution with…


Get 30% off site-wide with code REVOLUTION, starting right now!

I almost forgot to mention…

This batch of FWH gear is extra special and will become “vintage” in the coming month…

It’s another reason why we’re running such a killer deal and clearing out inventory.

(Hint: We’re about to revolutionize how we manufacture FWH gear 🇺🇸 and we need all the space we can get at HQ…)

Stand by for a massive announcement coming in March. 🦅

And enjoy this massive 30% off site-wide sale (while supplies last).



Did you know the definition of 'revolution' is a sudden, complete or marked change in something...

And that's exactly what's happening in March. We can hardly wait to share.

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