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Article: Couch


“No, please, no…

Not another one…

Another e-mail about…


That’s my inner dialogue this morning while checking my inbox.

All of these President’s Day Sale e-mails from furniture companies…

Why do they love President’s Day so much??

Because they celebrate America’s rich, revolutionary history?

Because they celebrate real American principles like hard work?

Because they celebrate Washington and Lincoln’s significant contributions to America?

Somehow I think not…

But these are the exact reasons why FWH celebrates President’s Day!

If you missed my e-mail about the FWH revolution and our 30% off sale this weekend, read it here.

(Don’t miss the part about our announcement next month. 🧵 + 🇺🇸)

One more thing —

I’m picking a random order every hour today and dropping a free tee in it!

Don’t forget to use code REVOLUTION to take 30% off your order. No minimum required.

Talk soon,



A random thought just struck me:

Your couch and your FWH tee are polar opposites.

Weird thought, I know, but think about it…

One is built for comfort, sitting, and waiting.

The other is built for discomfort, moving, and working.

Your couch sucks. Don’t sit on it today.

Put on your favorite FWH tee, get out there, and own this weekend!

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Danielle Kelly defeats Ayaka Miura

To celebrate Danielle’s tenacity and big win, use code DANIELLE for 20% off your order for the next 24 hours only!

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