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Article: Curse of the 1st

Curse of the 1st

I wear a steel suit when I cruise social media. 
Imagine me at FWH HQ, 
Wearing a shiny suit of creaking armor, 
Wielding a sharp sword…
And cruising Instagram on my iPhone. 
That's me! I CHOOSE what I let in!
All of the negativity, pointless arguing, moral grandstanding, useless trolling…
These posts bounce off my armor like rain on a windowpane.
Seriously, I'm mostly impenetrable.
There is one chink in my armor…
And it appears this time every year when I see a "waste week" post.
Have you seen this?
People see the week between Christmas and New Year's as a "waste week" —
A week useless to them, a week meant to discard, a week that is TRASH.
You know what I see?
I see people making their ONE LAST EXCUSE of 2022.
An excuse so they can wait until January 1st to choose effort!
I call it the "Curse of the 1st"…
And we know how it ends for them.
They're the 1st to quit come mid-January!
People are SO comfortable, SO detached, SO entitled
That they let an entire week pass without putting in effort.
I don't know about you, but I won't let a MINUTE pass without it.
I'm here to make every minute matter because I know that NONE are promised to me.
My next minute may not arrive, let alone my next week!
People just don't get that their future started yesterday…
There's no time to wait!
Maaan, society is so backward nowadays…
"Waste week" and posts like it on mass social media show us this daily.
That's why I'll be spending less time moving backward on mass social media networks,
And more time moving forward on OUR social media network, The Nest, in 2023.
The Nest is The Few's private social media network and one of the many benefits of FWH RISE®.
It's a REAL network, not a REEL network, of those that share your 100% earned and 0% entitled core belief.
If this sounds like your kind of social media, then The Nest is for you.
See you inside!
FWH RISE® isn't just The Nest! It has 15 more (and growing) benefits for your personal growth AND your FWH gear, like 20% off your monthly order. Check out all of your benefits here.
Our first accountability group (Convocation 1 aka FWH-C1) kicks off this week. No waste week here! FWH RISE®Eagles Adrienne, Evelyn, Joe, Jenn, Ali, Mike, and Katie are setting the standard for 2023 today!

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