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Article: Meet Cindy

Meet Cindy

“Count me in!

This is new for an apparel brand!”

Meet Cindy, a new FWH community member — who just joined us last week!

This was her reply to my FWH RISE® announcement yesterday…

And it needs addressing.

Not the “count me in” for FWH RISE® part (PUMPED for that) —

It’s the “apparel brand” part.

Look, Few Will Hunt is not an apparel brand.

“But Joey, you make clothing the dopest gear in the game!”

YES, we do — 

But we are so much more…

And we ALWAYS have been.

Since day 1.

In fact, the first 2 years of Few Will Hunt’s existence were dedicated to content, not clothing.

So before you EVER saw a product from Few Will Hunt…

You saw a post.

A hard-hitting, thought-provoking, effort-inducing… post.


Because these posts are part of our plan to better society…

By first bettering ourselves.

See, Few Will Hunt is a movement with a mission.

A crazy, critical mission — to restore the dignity of hard work in society.

You and I both know, 

Hard work is under attack, and handouts threaten a hostile takeover.

We will not allow this.

That’s why Drew and I assembled the largest, fiercest, hardest-working community on earth,

And committed our lives to educating, inspiring, and challenging them daily.

Enter FWH RISE®.

It’s our ground-breaking personal development and perks program for your growth and your gear… 

Brought to you by your favorite apparel brand FEARLESS MOVEMENT.

If you missed my FWH RISE® announcement yesterday, check it out here.

Talk soon,



Cat’s outta the bag! We already have over 100 Founding Members in FWH RISE®, and they are each well on their way to overcoming their fears and reaching their full potential in life. 

I want this for you, too.

DM me @fewwillhunt on Instagram and I’ll make sure you get your FWH RISE® invitation first when it launches next week. 

(If you already DM’d, congrats and I got you! I’m still working through the mountain of replies from yesterday.)

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