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Article: Please keep this between us

Please keep this between us

Drew and I chose the storied American eagle to represent FWH for many reasons, 

But there is 1 particular story that cemented our choice:

When a storm threatens the skies,

The eagle does not try to escape it.

The eagle embraces the storm,

And uses the storm’s winds to rise above it.

This is a powerful metaphor for each and every FWH Community member,

Especially YOU.

I know that you don’t flee the storms in your life —

You embrace their adversity head-on…

And you use them to rise to new levels of growth.

More often than not however, you must embark on this rise alone…


Today, I’m introducing you to the future of the FWH Community,

A new level of connectedness,

A new level of conversation,

A new level of challenge —

All to ensure that you are never alone as you rise to your next level.

As we celebrate the 5th year anniversary of our founding

And more than 125,000 members worldwide,

It’s time for our community to rise to its next level, too.

I’m ecstatic to announce to you…


An exclusive, new level of FWH membership

And the future of our community.

It’s a personal development AND perks program packed with benefits…

For both your GROWTH and your GEAR.

Imagine a private social network…

Only for those sharing the FWH mindset of all hard work and no handouts —

Only for those journeying to meet their highest, future selves —

Only for those working hard to uncap their full potential.

Now add small group accountability, quarterly goal check-ins, guest speakers, Live streams, Daily Attack Plan…

AND FWH gear benefits like unlimited free shipping, a monthly 20% off discount code, early drop access, and more.

Sounds remarkable, right?

Well, it’s here…

And you’re invited to join us.

If this sounds like your kind of community,

Like your kind of connection,

Like your kind of challenge —

DM us on Instagram and let me know!

FWH RISE® will be launching worldwide next week, 

And your DM will help me ensure you get your invitation before anyone else.

Talk soon,


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