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Article: End-of-year Check-in

End-of-year Check-in

5% of 2022 remains —

And this is our end-of-year check-in, fellow Eagle!
Have you met your 2022 goals?
OK, I’ll go first.
I set a handful of goals for myself this year. 
I accomplished most of them — 
2 stripes earned on my BJJ belt,
15+ books read, 
9% BF —
But there’s this one goal…
One goal that continues to evade me.
It’s not what you think…
“Stop and smell a rose each day.”
Let me explain!
I’m a super hard charger —
I set a goal, and I don’t stop until it’s mine. 
I get pretty maniacal when I’m on the hunt for a goal…
So much so that I forget (refuse?) to stop once per day to “smell a rose”,
That is —
To pause and truly appreciate one meaningful thing in my life. 
LOOK, if there’s one thing I’ve learned about life…
You gotta smell your roses while you can, because they won’t always be in bloom.
I didn’t do a great job of this in 2022.
So I carried the goal forward and committed to doing it daily in 2023.
Not just for myself but for those I love.
Now… enough about me.
Back to you.
Did you hit your 2022 goals? 
What got away from you?
Hit reply, text me, or DM me and let me know!
No need to hold back…
Air out your greats, goods, bads… and uglies.
It stays between us —
And I’m here to help. 
Looking forward to your reply,
I got thousands of replies to my mid-year check-in e-mail this July — and I read every single one.
The rawness and resilience in the replies deeply moved me (to tears at times), so I just want to say this…
I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to listen to your story and help you on your journey each year. 
I can’t wait to hear about the rest of your 2022 and what’s on deck for your 2023…
AND join my e-mail list for an announcement about how FWH will challenge and connect you in a BIG way in 2023!

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