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Article: Escalator


While on the last steps of my climb, a woman locked eyes with me.
She was young, carrying only her phone, and she was frantic. She charged in my direction and yelled at me: 
“OH MY G-D, how much does it cost to fix an escalator?! Really?!”
I calmly glanced to my left at the “Out of Service” sign chained across the escalator. It had been broken for two weeks, and today, it broke her.
As she stomped down the 15 stairs, I finished my climb up them, ignoring her fury. I thought to myself:
“The stairs are never crowded, but the escalator is.”
“She chose emotion over effort today. She broke Rule No. 9… and it broke her. I won’t break.” 
Look, when you live by The Rules of The Few, it’s impossible not to see them broken as you walk through the world each day.
At the gym, at school, at the office— the breakage is everywhere. Most don’t realize that its ripple effect can ruin your day, especially when you encounter it on social media. 
But a Few do.
That’s why I’ve spent less time on social media in 2024 and more time in FWH RISE.
There’s no condescension, controversy, or conflict there— just real communication, connection, and community.
The door to FWH RISE closes in less than 48 hours. Enrollment opens again on April 1. 
Moving forward, only 25 new members will be admitted per month. 
I’m doing this to uphold the quality of our connections in this private network. I trust you understand!
Talk soon,
Speaking of stairs, our fellow Eagle, Ryan, finally got his prosthetic leg yesterday.
Let’s show him some support as only The Few do. 
Drop an Eagle emoji in his comments!

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HWSW Capsule Access Secured

CONGRATULATIONS, EAGLE. 🔒Your access to our Hard Work in a Soft World Capsule is now secured. 📨 Check your inbox this Thursday for your private invitation.

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