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Article: DMX


As I read the text from Caroline, all I could hear in my head was a deep growl, then a loud bark, and finally:
“Stop being greedy!” in DMX’s voice.
Sorry, I’m a hip-hop guy (the old stuff, not this new stuff), and whenever I think “greedy”, I hear that song by DMX and its Diana Ross sample.
Caroline’s text was a photo of a packing slip for a FWH order… and it had SIX free Rules of The Few Magnets as a line item! Yes, six.
There seems to be an error on our website that allows people to double, triple, quadruple, quintuple, and, in this case, sextuple our free gift to you!
Joey, we can agree that looting 5 extra free Rules of The Few Magnets (that’s 5 x $15 = $75) isn’t really living The Rules of The Few…
But I get it.
I can’t blame the guy for trying to nab extra Rules of The Few Magnets. I, too, love them, and they’re spreading like wildfire across America. 
I’ve seen them on home refrigerators, office cubicles, gym squat racks, and street stop signs— I even saw one on a passenger-side car door! Every single time I see one, I say:
“The Few are here. The dignity of hard work is being restored.”
When you get yours, post it up as a reminder that The Few are here… and we’re here to stay!
Talk soon,
I want to leave you with this reminder about people:
“In my heart, I mean well. If you’ll help me grow, then what I have in my heart will begin to show.”
When you encounter difficulty with someone today, remember this about him or her. It’s true for almost everybody. Lead with your servant heart… and watch his or her heart open up.
(That quote is from DMX, by the way!)

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