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Article: Win A Tee

Win A Tee

I had an epiphany this week:
Well, not for me, you, and The Few–– but they are a bit much to digest for my daughters at ages 4 and 7.
I didn’t want to miss a single opportunity to share the wisdom of The Rules of The Few with them…
So what did I do?
I summarized The Rules of The Few into two short sentences that fit every situation:
Don’t Be Lazy. Don’t Complain.
Then, this got me thinking…
How would YOU summarize The Rules of The Few?
At FWH HQ, this is how we do it:
All Hard Work. No Handouts.
Best response wins a tee of your choice!
But there’s more–– when you respond to me above, you also help me find new ways to speak about and spread our mission to restore the dignity of hard work. That’s the real win.
Looking forward to your response!
Your attention is under attack in today’s world, and a reminder is one of the best things you can receive.
A reminder of who you are and how you’ve pledged to live for those you love and your future self.
That’s why Caroline includes our The Rules of The Few Magnet in your orders for free. Not just in your first order. In every order. 
I hope that it serves as your daily reminder that you’re uncommon. You’re one of The Few.
Stick them on your home fridge, gym rack, office cabinet… and give one as a gift to a friend who is like in thought and action.

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