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Article: FWH 1-for-1

FWH 1-for-1

When we announced our FWH 30-for-30 challenge last year,

It immediately caught fire in our Community.

The Few know when there’s no challenge, there’s no change. 

No matter how hard, we’re committed to challenge—

Not only for change within ourselves but change within society.

So it’s time we complement FWH 30-for-30 with a new type of challenge,

Today, I introduce you to FWH 1-for-1!

One challenge to change one day in the life of one person.

With FWH 1-for-1, we’re leaning into our core value of “We give first”,

And we are leading with our servant hearts.

On a random weekday each week,

We’ll challenge you to do 1 simple act of service for 1 person—

And it starts… NOW!

Today, do an act of giving, preferably for a stranger.

A genuine compliment, a free coffee, an offer to lend a hand carrying bags—

Anything goes.

When you complete FWH 1-for-1, tell us how it went!

How did it make the recipient feel? 

How did it make you feel?

Did you make a new friend? 

Did you find a new Eagle?

E-mail me or DM Mary Grace with your 1-for-1 story.

We’ll select one community member to feature on our Instagram, blog, e-mail, and SMS.

FWH 1-for-1 is a small challenge with a big impact—

It will show society effort and giving instead entitlement and taking…

It will show society what it means to be a FWH Eagle.

I can’t wait to hear your story!

Oh, one more thing—

It is FWH Friday (LFH!!), so I can’t leave you without a deal.

Caroline will drop a free mystery gift in every order today while supplies last.

It’ll be a free tee, shorts, hat, beanie, etc. — she’ll hook you up when you place your order!

Let’s show society what we’re about today...

And lead with our servant hearts!


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