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Article: Marc Vetri x FWH

Marc Vetri x FWH

Marc Vetri x FWH

A few months ago, my phone rang with a friendly voice.

When I asked who it was, I was shocked to hear the reply.

A fellow-Philadelphia native, entrepreneur, and jiu-jitsu practitioner.

A man known worldwide for his hard work in the kitchen, in the board room, and in society.

A man by the name of Marc Vetri.

You see, Marc is the chef and founder of Philly’s-own Vetri Cucina and several other award-winning restaurants across the United States.

And his next venture, Pizzeria Salvy is set to open this Spring.

Marc wanted to promote his new restaurant differently.

Who else to bring Marc’s vision to life other than THE brand for hard workers.

We hit the drawing board, working together to design the first Pizzeria Salvy rash guard!

The finished product features the Salvy brand elements, accent stitching, and the evergreen Few Will Hunt® logo.

It can be seen on the backs of black belts, IBJJF champions, and everyday practitioners.

With this project, we’ve conquered another arena.

We started in gyms, octagons, and now world-renowned kitchens.

We hail from different states, countries, and continents.

We have different thoughts, desires, and beliefs.

But one thing unites us all: hard work

in the gym,

in the office,

or in the kitchen.

This is The Takeover.

It was an honor to collaborate with Marc and Pizzeria Salvy.\


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