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Article: Heart, Hands, and Hard Work

Heart, Hands, and Hard Work

Hey, I’m going to give you an inside look at our Leadership meetings here at FWH HQ.

Why? You might ask.

Simple —

One of these meetings led to a huge breakthrough on what it actually means to be one of The Few.

You’ll love it, so I’ll keep it short and jump right in.

Drew, Breanna, Bedros, and I start every Leadership meeting with what’s called the “segue”.

It’s a 5-minute window where we each call out 1 personal win and 1 professional win from the past week.

Typically, I am very prepared for the segue…

But, this one fateful day, I was not. I’m far from perfect —

And I dropped the ball on having a personal win ready to share.

My life happened to be super hectic at the time…

And, truthfully, I was struggling to find a win amongst all of the adversity.

When it was my turn in the segue, I had no choice but to “freestyle” my personal win.

What I shared startled me.

It was raw and genuine.

It leapt out of me like a caged animal that had been ricocheting inside of my chest for months.

“For my personal win, I’m just really grateful to do what I love with who I love —

An entire community of people who are all heart, hands, and hard work.

Every single day. No excuses.”, I said.

You could hear a pin drop on the Zoom.

Then, everybody nodded firmly and slowly in approval.

Next, a serious look of “now let’s hunt!” fell across our faces

…And we got to work.

After the meeting, I realized that we captured the essence of The Few in that moment:

The 3 things that remain when we strip away all of our “earthly” non-essentials,

The 3 things that we use to transform our traumas into our triumphs,

The 3 things that are the true building blocks of The Few:

Heart, hands, and hard work.

We may all use our hands for different types of hard work —

But all of our hearts pump the same sincere love for doing the hard work.

Every morning since that meeting, especially when times are trying, I remind myself of this phrase —

So it was more than fitting that we brought it to life as gear for The Few.

Check them out here.

With all heart and hard-working hands,


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