"Wu-Tang Clan ain't nuthing ta f— wit!!"

Blared out of my TV at 6:30 am this morning.

As I scrambled for the remote, my six-year-old daughter pumped her fist in her princess pajamas.

I frantically paused Wu and helped her find another (age-appropriate) song from my library.

She landed on "Don't Worry, Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin.

See, my daughter starts her weekend with music…

And me?

I start my weekend by writing to you…

And, today, it's gonna be about Bobby's song.

I know what you're thinking—

"Joey, what a played-out song. Your music taste sucks."

I assure you it does not… so let me explain!

Bobby was onto something with his 1988 all-a-cappella hit.

Worry just "doubles your troubles".

It does nothing to bring happiness into your life…

But I know something that does.

If Bobby asked me to rewrite his chorus, it'd be:

"Don't Worry, Do Work, Be Happy"

This is actually my formula for how to be happy,

And I live by it daily.

It's why Bobby's song is in my library in the first place—

To serve as an important reminder.

Look, too often in life, we worry about our outcome (our happiness),

When we should focus on our output (our work).

Worrying just breeds worrying,

But work… work breeds worth.

Not just your self-worth, but a life of worth—

A life of service, purpose, fulfillment, and, in turn, happiness.

So I urge you to do 2 things this weekend:

1) Always remember that work beats worry and

2) Always replace your worry with your work.

Do these, and I guarantee you'll be happy… and fulfilled.

To owning this weekend together!


P.S. Fun fact: A spiritual teacher from India inspired Bobby's hit song. "Don't worry, be happy" was one of the teacher's mantras that spread to the US in the 1930s.
Joey Bowen