As you'd expect, we're working hard at Few Will Hunt HQ to bring new and exciting programs to our community.

Today, we're stoked to announce our biggest program yet.

The Few United 

The Few United program challenges you to be better — and rewards you for it.

In this program, you can participate in challenging activities with our community members worldwide. 

These activities, known as missions, keep you moving, learning, and growing. Missions range from waking up 15 minutes earlier to reading a book to hitting a PR.

Weekly missions for The Few United are posted on the Brandbassador app. For each completed mission, you'll not only better yourself, but you'll be rewarded with Few Will Hunt gift cards, gear, and giveaways. You can also create a personal Few Will Hunt discount code to share with friends and family. You'll receive a cash commission each time this code is used at

Join Today

Click here to join The Few United today. Don't sleep — space is limited while we work to scale this program.

P.S. Are you new to Brandbassador app? All good! Click here to check out their great guide to the platform.

Joey Bowen