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Article: Let's go for a walk together

Let's go for a walk together

I love walking, but not for the reason you think.
See, something happens when you go for a walk with a person. It happens subconsciously and silently…
Neither of you realize it, but it is very powerful:
You adjust to their pace, or they adjust to your pace.
This same phenomenon happens in life…
And it is why most people never achieve their goals.
Look at your circle right now, those you are “walking with” through life—
Whose pace have you adjusted to? 
Be honest.
Is it a strong pace that propels you toward a better future?
Or is it a slow pace that pins you in the past?
One thing is for sure…
There’s no pace better than the pace of The Few.
That’s why I’m inviting you to go for a walk with us.
Truthfully, it’s more than just a walk… it’s The Few Fest.
It starts with 500 reps in FWH HQ’s gym, followed by a 13+ mile ruck through the city of Philadelphia, and ends with 500 more reps in FWH HQ’s gym.
Join us on May 18th in Philadelphia (or virtually) for a challenge that changes your pace… and changes you.

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