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Article: The Most Beautiful Thing

The Most Beautiful Thing

{{ first_name|default:'Eagle' }}, quick note here— just had to share it with you.
I realized one of the most beautiful things about life during my morning “routine” today:
You can change what you have… by changing who you are.
Then why doesn’t everybody have better relationships, better habits, better fitness, etc.?
Because not everybody makes the one choice required for change: 
See, real challenge is a personal choice. Sitting around and waiting to be challenged by your boss, your partner, or your circumstances will not change you. Most times, it will do the opposite and entrench you in who you already are and what you already have.
That’s why we created The Few Fest.
It’s a day when our Community chooses to come together, take on a challenge, and create mental, physical, and emotional change in their lives.
The Few Fest 002 goes down this Saturday. If you can’t join me in Philly, you can take on the challenge with us virtually.
Hope to see you there,
Something bear big is dropping tomorrow.
It is a FWH first, and it’s gonna shock you from head to… toe.

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