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Article: Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Today marks a historic day for Few Will Hunt.
In 2017, Drew and I made this commitment to you:
“Quality Community, Quality Service, Quality Products” 
This commitment is the very foundation of our family-owned company —
And, today, we strengthen and further this commitment to you…
And our country.
Today, we begin our transition to 100%, “dirt-to-shirt” American-made gear.
Yes, the majority of our operations are already based in Philadelphia and along the East Coast…
100% American | FWH Operation
✅ | Customer Service
✅ | Fulfillment
✅ | Warehousing
✅ | Logistics
✅ | Printing
⚠️ | Manufacturing
⚠️ | Milling
✅ | Design
✅ | Creative
✅ | Leadership
But, as you can see, some of our milling and manufacturing takes place all over the world.
Look, other apparel companies trick you.
There are loopholes in US law that allow them to stamp “Made in the USA” on their products when their operations are outsourced…
Foreign materials constructed by foreign hands in foreign lands,
And then just delivered to you domestically.
(Yes, this includes those “patriotic” and “pro 2A” brands you know…)
Few Will Hunt has never done this.
We revere the “Made in the USA” label,
We believe that this label is EARNED…
And that is exactly what we’ve done.
With the blood, sweat, and tears that we have shed to grow FWH over the past 5 years,
We have earned the momentum and means to outfit you in the best American-made gear.
Our transition begins with our tees —
And we have just committed to $100,000 of inventory in them.
Our first run of 100% American-made tees will drop on the Fourth of July…
And they’ll begin shipping same-day, Independence Day,
From our HQ in the heart of Philadelphia…
Where the USA and FWH started.
How fitting is that? 
Know this transition is no easy feat for us…
But that’s what we do as a community and as a company —
We do what’s hard, and
We do what’s right.
With this transition, you can expect the same uncompromising FWH quality that you know and love,
Plus, new designs, new innovations, and new products.
Oh, and one more thing, if I may —
Personally, this moment is a dream come true for me.
I believe that the “Made in the USA” label is more than a label…
It’s a testament to US, all Americans, and OUR unmatched hearts, hands, and hard work.
I’m ecstatic to outfit you with the unfailing gear you deserve…
From OUR lands and made by OUR hands!
Yours in hard work,
Joey & The FWH HQ Team

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