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Article: What is hard work?

What is hard work?

My wide-open eyes bled onto my cheeks
As I stared at my iPad screen.
Why have I never been asked this?!
Who else needs to know this?!
What prompted this?!
I didn’t know —
But I did know exactly HOW I would answer the question of:
“What is hard work?”
FWH RISE member John texted it to me,
And it’s the most important question I’ll ever answer for you.
See, in our backward society of:
“Work smarter, not harder”,
“Rather be lucky than good”,
“Sunday Scaries”, and
“Must be nice” —
Most people think hard work is simply:
Exerting yourself
…With no end in mind, no plan in place.
They’re wrong.
You and I know that it is much, much more.
See, hard work is your only vehicle for growth,
And the very object of your life.. is growth.
Living IS growing —
If you are simply going through life
And not growing through life, 
You’re already dying.
So, how do you measure if your effort IS hard work or simply exertion?
Please allow me to answer with what I call
“The FWH Equation”:
Expel comfort (Comfort is a slow death, prefer pain)
Exhibit ownership (It’s your fault, you save you)
Exercise discipline (Consistently plan and execute… or don’t bother at all)

Extinguish ego (What you don’t know far outweighs what you know, it’s not all about you)

Expect success (It can turn out better than you can imagine, believe in yourself)

Examine failure (Success is simply a chain of lessons learned, don’t quit)

Experience growth
So, I urge you to reflect this weekend: 
Are you simply exerting yourself or are you working hard… for growth?
Talk soon,

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