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Article: No


“Say no to everything, so you can say yes to the one thing”
“Things change when you start to say no”
“Saying no is the best self-care”
Sorry, but when I see all of these “just say no” quotes on Instagram, they really get at me…
Because most of the people posting them are missing the point.
Even worse, these quotes have people saying no to what they don’t FEEL like doing—
Having that difficult conversation,
Confronting that inner demon,
Facing that hard truth—
Citing fake-social-media “self care”, “good vibes”, or “inner peace” as the reason for the no.
Here’s the harsh reality about life:
Most of the things you don’t FEEL like doing are the things that will FREE you—
And freeing yourself is the real path to peace.
See, saying no to things based on your feelings leads you to—
No self-discovery
No self-discipline
No self-development
So should you just walk around being a yes man or woman to every whim??
Just don’t make choices based on your feelings
Make choices based on your filter!
Your filter is WHY you say no… or yes.
It removes your feelings from your response!
Here’s my filter:
If there’s no pain or purpose in it, I don’t do it.
If there’s no pain in it to push me toward my discomfort zone,
I don’t do it.
If there’s no purpose in it to push me toward my dream life,
I don’t do it.
Now, my filter might not be your filter…
But you do need one.
Take 5 minutes today (in silence, set a timer) and think about it—
What’s your filter?
Already know your filter? Commit.
Reply and hit me with it for accountability!
Yours in hard work,
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That means a “few” thousand schools, gyms, offices, and streets are about to get hit with our “all out on luck, all in on work” mantra…
Society needs it now more than ever.
The Few ‘Til Forever!

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